I couldn’t have done it without………..

Now that my youngest is approaching the 2 year mark (where the hell did that go?) I feel slightly smug that I can say that the baby days are over in the house. That is unless we try for a boy *husband looks sadly at his beloved rugby ball*.

But there are some things that I really could not have done without during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Most things were too good not to share so I spread the word amongst my nearest and dearest. But now it’s time to share it with you. And if you have anything to add please pop it in the comments box below, let’s face it anything that makes life easier is worth sharing.

  1. Spatone for energy levels, pregnant and breastfeeding this literally got me out of bed to do the nursery drop off each day (1 sachet in a glass of orange juice just helps take away the bitter taste)
  2. HUGE muslins for swaddling, mopping, blocking out sunlight when in buggy etc. (I’ve raved about these before here)
  3. Lansinoh cracked nipple cream (brilliant for heels and lips too) you’ll never need the whole tube so pass it onto your friends
  4. Wine by the crate (adult Calpol)
  5. Tiny baby bath seat that goes inside normal bath, this one worked brilliantly until my daughters could sit unaided
  6. Lavender oil for bath, couple of drops on pads in your knickers after birth, on your pillow at night for a restful night’s sleep
  7. Bio oil (great for dehydrated skin, stretch mark prevention, in bath, on ragged cuticles)
  8. Instagram (makes even the tiredest old hag look hot)
  9. Touché éclat (the best bag banisher out there)
  10. The love of a good man/my friends/my mum

I saw this photo in a shop window recently, apparently I say amazing too much but really sometimes there is no other word to describe one’s new Mulberry Alexa handbag bought by one’s husband (before you all roll your eyes and groan at my brag, he was away for 10 DAYS on a business trip to the Philippines whilst I was left solo with 2 small children).  Anyway I wish I had it blown up on the fridge door as I reached for the white wine in those early days of exhaustion…………. the gift of hindsight.


17 thoughts on “I couldn’t have done it without………..

  1. Nutella. By the loaded finger full, straight from the jar – the perfect chocolate-y shot in the arm for low blood sugar levels. Unfortunately my waistline still tells that tale.

  2. Yes the protected hour in the evening – I used to lie in bed feeding the stuporous baby while listening to the Archers (it was going through a juicy phase….). Meanwhile my beloved put the small child to bed and if I was lucky, present me with food when I woke after a power nap at 8pm.

  3. My White noise machine. It has buzzing, water running, washing machine noises and more. Amazing with my newborn when he didn’t settle to sleep at night and again for getting him off during our bedtime routine. Sometimes the louder the better!

  4. Where to start… a microwave, peanut butter/marmite/eggs on toast, tonnes of dummies, grandparents who take washing away and bring it back all neatly folded and smelling so good, lavender silk eye mask (a bit of luxury for a crucial daytime kip), a black out blind, an expressing bra (yes, it exists and without it my twins would’be been on formula after 3 months), friends who bring round a casserole and tell you NOT to wash up the dish… and that’s just for starters. PS Not saying I had all this but if I had another baby I’d insist. PPS Your blog is such a lovely read 🙂 x

    • This is a great list especially love to idea of a lavender eye mask, thanks to doing night shifts I am an awesome day time napper and actually napped every time the baby napped. Saved my life

    • Microwave oh yes. When I had my first daughter my sister asked me what I wanted as a present and I asked for a microwave she was horrified and went on about cancerous cells forming in any re heated food. but she soon realised that EVERY cup of tea I made was reheated once even twice as that was the only way I could function in the early weeks.

  5. Finding self (a) with my youngest also nearing the 2 mark, and (b) unexpectedly in the family way again (oh the shame, am waaaaaaaaaaaaay too old for such things), all these suggestions are brilliant. Incredible really how I’ve blocked everything from the early days out. I really can’t remember what I did to struggle through. Wine, def. Ear plugs. And lovely expensive shampoo / shower gel (was the only thing I spent money on for self for at least 6 months. Made me feel almost human. Only almost, mind.) Thank you for reminder of swaddling cloths, and for new suggestion of Spatone. (Quick q – Can I take it while pregnant?)

  6. You should probably put a warning on this post: any tired, hormonal pregnant woman suffering from nausea is probably going to have a bit of a weep at this image. Amazing seems like a long time away…

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