3 is the magic number?

A few weeks ago, I was looking after a woman having her third baby, she had 2 boys already and they were thrilled to be having a very much wanted girl.  As a midwife and mother of 2 I often get asked the same questions from my colleagues and women ‘Are you going to have a third?’ or ‘Are you going to try for the boy?’

I’m used to it now, I’m getting pretty good with my response depending on my mood, I smile and say ‘Well yes my husband wants a boy but the likelihood is it will be another girl and we can’t just have another child to have a certain sex can we so um (now I’m bluffing) we’re undecided but I’ll let you know when we’re trying’ (that usually shuts them up).  I also have the great excuse that we live in a tiny 2 bed cottage in London and I know a baby could sleep in a draw/washing basket where ever but I already feel guilty that my eldest has to share with her loud destructive little sister.

Both my husband and I are one of 3, we said all along we would love to have 3 that’s until we had 2 children and the reality hit us at bath and bed time, who would get the third child ready?  With 2 there’s enough hands to manage it all (just), with 3 one child always gets left out, queue the phrase typical middle child syndrome, apologies to my sister.

So in my head I’m done, no more children I’m grateful for what we have, 2 beautiful healthy girls and yes a boy would be lovely or even another girl but why when I did my annual bank holiday Monday loft sort out was I overwhelmed with the vast amounts of baby stuff all organised in labelled bags?  As I tried to rationalise giving it all to charity or selling it on EBay my empty uterus wept as I sniffed the tiny white baby grows remembering those precious first few weeks with my new born baby……………..

Yup so I’m 100% 97% 92% – I’m almost decided on no more babies (at least for today). Yes – I’m completely happy with what I have and so I should be. I’ll enjoy these two great small people I have in my life, until my uterus starts weeping again and the crying is too loud to ignore.

20 thoughts on “3 is the magic number?

  1. i total agree im 20 and crazy i have a 13 month old and i have to admit i cnt bloody wait to have baby no2!.. enjoy the 2 you have maybe work out if you can extend the house or maybe move things around. we are goin to extend our 2 bedroom house out to the side or maybe the back.

  2. awwwww – what a sweet post. Why don’t you have TWO more in a decade!! rather wish I had done that…. then would be living with lovely, funny children for aeons….

  3. Hi, I’m expecting our third child in about 7 weeks. I’m still trying to rationalise and articulate to myself and others why I wanted a third child. We already had a boy and a girl so it wasn’t a gender thing. I never really thought I was that broody (although i guess i must be). We just kept coming back to the question, ‘Is that it, are we really finished then?’ and for some crazy reason the answer was ‘No’.
    My husband and I are excited to be having number 3 but also a little scared at how we’ll manage but I think we’re prepared to embrace the chaos and enjoy the experience. I hope the kids themselves do too!

  4. Is the youngest one loud and destructive? Really? She looks so cute! But I agree, really difficult to ever think; that’s it, no more babies. I think the crunch comes when you go through the old clothes/cot etc – I’ve just got rid of loads, so pretty sure that’s it for us. You, on the other hand, seem a bit more undecided….

  5. You’re still so young… You don’t have to decide for a long time yet. I love having three, but I’m always tired, the house is a tip and I constantly feel that one is being left out. Still, there are good things to be said for none, one, two, three, four, five etcetera…

    • YOU are my mumof3 inspiration, always looking groomed, beautiful children, daughter with fab sense of style and all at 09:05, don’t know what your house looks like though…

  6. Ah but I was 1 of 3 girls and there is something rather lovely about 3 sisters (especially if you are the middle one and have a choice of which 1 to play with!) You do always have to sha
    re a bedroom though…

  7. You are talking but it is all just chatter to fill the air… You know you want 3 and you are kidding no-one……

  8. i have 2 younger brothers 10 and 4 and my youngest brother is a handful but my younger brother is ok but when we are all together its bad as we do nothing but fight and i tend to take charge as my mum is lazy and my step-dad is a knob who has no idea how to controll his kid.. i looked after him last nite and my mum said he didnt have a bed time,, so he was asleep by 9.30pm and normaly wakes up at 3am and he didnt wake till 8:30am!.. but then was a lil shit after i left,, haha serves them right for not introducing disapline, sorry needed a rant the fact of i can handle my little brother and my own mother cant is bad,, i have my own 13 month old and i have started teaching him things that are hot he cant touch and he has a strict bedtime routine,,, but myself i would love baby no2..

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