Remembering Baby Eliza

This is a really hard post for me to write. It’s a part of my job which I wish I didn’t have to do but it’s life and with that comes death. Some babies sadly never make it to full term, some babies die whilst still inside their Mother’s tummy, some babies are born too soon and are too small to survive. We don’t always know why this happens.

Last year on my birthday I was working on labour ward. I’ll never know why I chose to work on my birthday but in a way I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have got to meet Hannah and her little Eliza. Hannah has very kindly agreed for me to share her story on my blog.

When Hannah was around 28 weeks pregnant her baby stopped moving and she went for a scan but was told the devastating news that her baby had died. In this situation the labour has to be induced to deliver the baby so Hannah and her husband made to difficult journey to the labour ward to begin this process. I was assigned to care for her and spent the whole day with her supporting her through what must have been the most terrifying painful labour. Baby Eliza was born asleep in her bag of membranes at the end of my shift. The only noise in the delivery room where those of sobs from all of us, it was so so sad. Eliza’s birth will never leave me, and I feel so honoured to have been part of it and meet Hannah and her wonderful family. This year I didn’t work on my birthday but I thought of little Eliza and was overwhelmed to receive a birthday card from Hannah. We will always share those special memories from that day. My words don’t really tell this story, but Hannah made this beautiful animation about Eliza, narrated by her 6 year old daughter.

SANDS the stillbirth and neonatal death charity are a wonderful support for anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby. But like many charities they rely heavily on the generosity of donations and fundraising from the public. I know Christmas is only just around the corner and money can be tight, but if you feel you could donate just a few pounds it would really support people like Hannah and her family through such difficult times.

21 thoughts on “Remembering Baby Eliza

  1. Amazing video from Hannah and Connie there. Such a strong and inspirational thing to do, absolutely astounded to be honest….. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. What a beautiful video about such a poignant story. So sad. The family sound amazing and will help so many others by sharing their story. Not forgetting SANDS either.

  3. Thank you for all those lovely comments.
    When I think back on this sad time I choose to remember the positive things, my family all at my side, beautiful cards and tributes from friends amd the amazing midwives who cared for me and my family.
    Clemmie you are one of my fondest memories and thank you for sharing our story x

  4. Such an amazing family, and a beautiful video. Thankyou Hannah for telling your story and the lovely video that shares the great work that SANDS do. xx

  5. Made me cry and smile all at once – thanks for sharing. What a brave family – and the way the parents explained things to the little ones was so incredibly moving.

  6. What an amazing video. A very similar thing happened to me 10 days before you posted this video, if only I’d found it sooner.

    The midwife I had during my experience was also bloody amazing, I think about her often and hope that one day she’ll get to deliver my baby in better circumstances.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you…We just lost my niece Zena at 26 weeks and my poor sister-in-law is still so ill. My other niece and nephew have had their worlds turned upside down as they’ve had to witness their Mum fight for her life since. I will be sending this to my brother as I know it will help. Amazing little film xxx

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