The Power of Intervention


My Induction


As I have previously written about in this blog, my second daughter’s birth ended up being an induction due to Obstetric Choleostasis.  I had planned a water birth at home but ended up at 38/40 being induced.  I was fully informed of the risks OC carries (mainly the small increased risk of stillbirth) and consented to having a medical induction of labour.  It was not an easy decision to make, I knew induction also carried many risks and I was concerned about the ‘intervention’ factor.  I did achieve however a water birth, which was against medical advice as the hospital guidelines recommend that labour is continuously monitored using a CTG machine.  This decision again was made entirely with informed consent, discussed with my midwife and Consultant and documented in my notes.

So it came with such shock when I read this article in the Observer on Sunday about a woman who successfully proved that the hospital which she gave birth ‘finally admitted to bullying her into taking precautionary antibiotics she didn’t want or need. They had threatened that social services would be called to take away her child after the birth’.

Horrific.  Can you imagine being in that situation, when you’re in pain, feeling vulnerable, emotions are high and a Consultant throws the social services card at you.  I have to say they have been times as a midwife supporting a women in labour, when a doctor has unnecessarily ‘convinced’ the women to do something she doesn’t want.  It’s not always a power trip in my opinion,  but more of a way they cover their own backs.  I have been in quite heated situations with doctors and always act as an advocate for women if I feel they are not being listened to.

I hope as I continue in my new role as a caseloading midwife, situations like this will be rare but if they do arise I will support my women’s choices, what ever they chose for their birth.

Did you ever experience a similar situation?  Did you ever feel bullied or not listened to by any health professionals?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Intervention

  1. Hi Clemmie. I saw a woman who was being induced and had a previous section. She was desperate for VBAC. The decision was made for synto at 4am and at handover the consultant came in and said ‘why is this woman on synto? This is too dangerous I never would have done this. The risks are too high. I would have gone straight for section’ he was furious with the reg for making the decision and wasn’t afraid to say. She had unfortunately had an IUD the year before so was terrified of the birth. The consultant said he’d give synto a chance for 2 hours. There WAS progress in a measly 2 hours but the Reg said ‘we recommend section it’s safer’ then she cried and cried. She and her husband and her mother argued so much he ended up missing the birth because he had to leave to calm down. It was just a series of communication errors that ended in a section. They were all devastated. I was with your team during this birth so had the chance to reflect with the midwife and see her afterwards but I just felt so sad about the whole thing. I felt as though she was bullied and made to feel like she didn’t have a choice and she had to pay for staff miscommunication.

    I really feel sad about that one 😦

  2. Food for thought Clemmie, I hadn’t seen this article but read it with a lot of interest. On top of the ‘secret midwife’ from last week’s Mail there’s plenty to dissuade me from coming back to the profession… And as for the doctor insisting on the benefits of physiological birth being an essential part of doctors’ training…?! isn’t it already?? But my own induction was not dissimilar from yours I think, and with that birth and the other two (all 3 very different), every moment of the care I received could not have been better, I value all my midwives SO highly.. that’s what will make me go back eventually, I hope. Knowing you’re doing something really important for families at a critical time, and doing the best you can. I hope you’re having a great time caseloading. Hope small no 1 has a good break from school xx

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