Birth Stories

I’ve been on a little high this week after attending my wonderful friend and colleague’s birth. It was such an honour to be there and see her being so strong and courageous, I feel all warm and tingly when I think of it. As a midwife I watch women becoming mothers in front of my very eyes as their babies are born and often wonder how will they find this incredible journey they are about to embark on.

It’s got me thinking. I love a birth story, probably because I’m a midwife and a little birth obsessed, but I have feeling there’s a lot of you out there who also love a birth story too. Am I right?

I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post called ‘Birth Story of The Week‘ starting on Monday. ALL types of births are welcome and I really do mean that. It’s more about how you felt during the whole event. It doesn’t matter if it was last month, last year or 5 years ago. I can remember my first daughter’s birth almost 6 years ago still very clearly. I will post a different story every week. Oh and any special photo you would like to accompany it with would be great!

So if you feel you want to share your experience please email me at Thanks

Here are two photos from both my births to get you inspired. You can read my birth stories here

photo (10)

photo (9)

The Big Apple, The Big Question

I’ve been to New York. This is a big deal, not only have I drunk frozen Margaritas in the BEST Mexican in Greenwich Village, eaten amazing banana pancakes in a dive diner, I’ve actually seen a Brooklyn brownstone building and I swear I saw Sarah Jessica Parker and her twins walking though Soho. Ok it just looked a bit like her, from a distance, if you closed you eyes and squinted. Ok in truth this never happened but I did see the coffee shop ‘Grumpys’ where Hannah from Girls worked part time until she went a bit OCD and had to call Adam because she counted everything in eights. That did happen and New York was pretty amazing. It really is the city that never sleeps.




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photo (2)

Anyway none of this really matters, because my trip gave me a tiny insight into what it would be to live there, with my husband and 2 kids. The truth is, it would be incredible. New York is a city I cannot describe to some one who hasn’t been there, it’s just everything I hoped it was but it lacked something I feel so passionately about. It would be impossible for me to work there as a British midwife. There are lots of American trained nurse/midwife practitioners but with long and complicated additional exams and training to do, it’s a no win situation. To be honest I’m slightly relived as I love my job at the moment, and giving it all up would be heartbreaking. Plus I’m not sure New York is the city for our girls.

922721_10151392665592186_453595571_nBut New York is a city I will be returning to, there was so many places we didn’t see and with my husband clocking up on his air miles I think another child free break is necessary. So for now we’re staying put, in London where are children are settled, my job is secure and women can have one to one midwifery care through the NHS.

Let’s hear it for us midwives!

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Today is International Day of the Midwife, a day to take action and to highlight the knowledge and skills of midwives, and the contribution midwives make to the health of their nations. On this day I like to remember all that we do worldwide as skilled health professionals, being ‘with woman’. I decided to list 21 reasons as to why I love being a midwife, I could have listed 100 to be honest. Maybe this blog will encourage more people to consider training as a midwife. Did you know (I didn’t) that almost 10,000 newborns die every day due to largely preventable complications due to pregnancy, childbirth and in the immediate postnatal period. The world needs midwives more than ever.

  1. I love seeing the look on a women’s face when she hears her baby’s heart beat for the first time
  2. I love giving one to one care
  3. I love seeing how strong women can be
  4. I love the smell of a new born babies head
  5. I love helping women make informed choices
  6. I love supporting women when they are at their most vulnerable
  7. I love watching women becoming mothers
  8. I love seeing men kissing their partner’s during the toughest part of labour
  9. I love being empowered by other women
  10. I love being amazed at every single birth how incredible the human body is
  11. I love giving reassurance to women when they feel worried or scared
  12. I love listening and understanding to every woman’s individual need
  13. I love giving women and their partners the confidence to be parents
  14. I love watching women enjoying the birthing pool during labour
  15. I love making the birthing environment calm and peaceful
  16. I love learning something new every single day
  17. I love it when women prove us midwives wrong
  18. I love helping women trust and listen to their bodies
  19. I love hearing a birth story
  20. I love hearing a woman say ‘I did it’
  21. I love being constantly inspired by my fellow midwifery colleagues

But don’t just take my word for it. My other inspiring colleagues also had a few things to say.

Rachel says ‘Seeing how amazingly strong and funny women can be. Oh and drinking a lot of tea. And driving home at dawn after a lovely birth feeling on top of the world!’ 

Zoe adds ‘Making a difference regardless of the circumstances‘.

Nancy says ‘The unpredictability of each day!’

Jenny loves ‘The joy of seeing students become midwives at the end of a course’

Sarah adds ‘To be a part of the most intimate journey in a woman’s life and to be trusted with that journey is such a privilege. To witness the miracle of birth and motherhood is a dream come true. I hope I forever love my job!’

Deborah loves ‘Being privileged to share in the most awesomely intense time of a woman’s life, being reminded how amazing women are on a daily basis,  feeling supported and respected by my wonderful colleagues’

Another Rachel also says ‘Being part of such a special journey… Giving support and encouraging through good times and bad’.

Yvonne adds ‘Tucking a couple up in bed in their own home with their baby. Seeing the strength of women to deal with what is thrown at them when things go far off script. My amazing midwifery colleagues who teach me, inspire me and humble me on an almost daily babies’. Wow that’s some pretty inspiring stuff there from other wonderful midwives out there.

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Lets remember midwives all around the world tomorrow and maybe you or someone you know may want to be part of this wonderful profession we are all so passionate about.