Pregnancy Madness!

And I don’t mean forgetting where you left your keys, purse, mobile phone (check the fridge it’s always in there). I mean the latest report from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, claiming there is not enough information about potential risks to unborn children from chemicals found in many household products including moisturisers and shower gel.

photo (1)

Tricky one, as any pregnant woman wouldn’t want to put her unborn baby at risk but I think we need to look at this information carefully and not OVER REACT! So the chemicals they are talking about are found in the following

  • food packaging (cans, plastics containers)
  • house hold products
  • paints and pesticides
  • personal care produces (moisturisers, sunscreens, shower gels)

For the majority of us, those items listed come into contact with us every single day. Moisturising your legs in the morning as the sun is out and that means skirts and dresses. Buying your lunchtime snack of a sandwich from Pret and a can of Diet Coke because you’re trying to be good and cut down on sugar. Using your kitchen spray to wipe down the cooker as your husband cooked a delicious meal last night but didn’t clear up, again.

So how can you lovely pregnant ladies take this information on board but live a normal day to day existence without being fearful for your bottle of Coco Butter? Firstly stay calm and take  this advice with caution and use your common sense and judgement. There is enough advice thrusted at you when you become pregnant that your brain is going into over drive. Using certified organic products on your body is generally thought to be better for you not to mention including the environment (think of all those pesky pesticides sprayed onto our plants, fruit and vegetables).

But what we do know is that stress is a risk factor to your unborn baby during pregnancy. So take your beautiful bumps outside enjoy the gorgeous sunshine today! If you have bought lunch out of a plastic container because you were in a rush to make anything this morning, take a rug and eat it in the park and try to keep calm.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Madness!

  1. I dont really understand what pregnant mums are supposed to do with all this rather scary information , I mean its not as though we are seeing lots of abnormalities… i would say its almost impossible to live your life without having contact with these products…..

    • exactly my thoughts. they have enough to worry about even before they conceive. and what about when the baby is born? will they maintain this strict regime with their child? we all know how we have the best intentions to use only organic based products but when you’re in a hurry a highly scented baby wipe will have to do!

  2. I find this frightening advice. Especially about sunscreen! Is cancer less scary now?! There is far too much advice out there. Might as well just start putting mums on bedrest as soon as the lines appear on the test & continuous monitoring. Women have been doing this for centuries! We’ll be fine! Oh and sushi is ok to eat while pregnant btw! Aaand women in France eat mould ripened cheese & drink wine and they’re fine. And my coworker was told not to go cold turkey on the smoking as it makes her BP go up… She’s got a healthy boy.

    • I think we should look at other cultures and try and learn from their practices. Some women avoid eating spicy food if breastfeeding in case the milk makes their baby windy! Imagine saying that to an Indian woman. And the sushi thing is also bordering on ridiculous. I also once looked after a woman in labour who said after the baby was born ‘I can’t wait to eat a prawn and mayonnaise sandwich now’! She had also taken the advice to the extreme.

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