It’s Been Emotional

To say the least. I feel drained, emotionally and physically. I haven’t felt like this in a while but it was bound to happen soon, it was my time to feel the smash, bang, wallop. My job, my role as a midwife pushed me pretty hard on Monday.

My woman, my couple finally had their baby on Monday evening after a gruelling 3 day stop-start labour. For her, for them as a couple it was as difficult as labours can go. They worked together like the A Team, supported each other every step of the way. It was amazing to watch.

The labour went on longer than expected, I missed putting my girls to bed that evening to see this baby be born. My husband (the silent hero) dealt with bath and bed time as he knew I couldn’t leave. Thank you Mr H for holding the fort and making sure the girls brushed their teeth and were tucked up warm and cosy in their little beds.

And finally when their baby arrived that evening, my heart which had been in my throat, exploded and my eyes filled with tears of relief and joy. He was pink, a little cross with his exit route but he was perfect. The emotion wasn’t helped by Adele’s Make You Feel My Love coming on the radio the moment he was passed to me by the surgeon. Handing them their little man was a very proud moment.

No birth is ever the same, and sometimes things aren’t ok at different points of the labour. Supporting couples when this happens is tough because you want to tell them everything is fine but you just don’t know. Reaching that end point on Monday and seeing my couple gazing at their brand new baby was the best feeling in the world. I left feeling exhausted but hugely satisfied.

And when I got home to a delicious meal cooked by Mr H, I tip toed into my girls bedrooms and sniffed their sweaty little heads and thanked them for being such angels and understanding why Mummy wasn’t there this evening.

Being a midwife is much more than just delivering babies but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


9 thoughts on “It’s Been Emotional

  1. You are an amazing lady and thank goodness for people like you. We had wonderful midwives for our labour at Kings and I am in awe of what you do. You kids and family must be very proud indeed…

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  3. Today is the famous ‘day three’ in my baby hormone calendar, the date involving spontaneous weeping and tear-jerking. So far, this blog posting hasn’t helped.

    I will obviously never forget that night, and not just for Hugo’s Adele entry music, but for the integral support and compassion you and your team gave us.

    We are forever in your debt and awe.


    Hugo’s Mums
    x x x x x x x x

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