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As any new Mum out there knows, those first few weeks with a new born is emotional, exhausting, mind blowing and all consuming. You can’t believe when the midwife comes over at mid day you’re still not dressed let alone brushed your teeth. This little 50 inch long human really does take all your time and energy, how on earth will you ever leave the house again?!

When people often ask me what are the real survival tips for those first weeks I always talk about food. Food provides a new mother with all her energy she needs for her recovery after having a baby, especially if breastfeeding. Iron rich foods for boosting those energy levels (green leafy vegetables, liver, red meat, apricots, chickpeas and lentils) are vital not to mention the importance of fibre for helping that first poo to pass! Protein rich foods too are really important for tissue healing. So if you’ve has a vaginal tear or even a c-section make sure your eating food such as eggs, milk, yoghurt, pork, chicken and turkey. Your appetite often increases in those first few days, I recall eating an entire lasagne my Mother-in-law made much to my husband’s horror.

But the one thing about trying to eat all this food is there is literally no time to cook it, you will barely manage to put some toast in the toaster. In fact we reheated so many cups of teas in those first few weeks it was a jolly good thing we owned a microwave. Those few weeks you have once you’ve finished work and before your baby arrives is a great time to start cooking and freezing lots of delicious meals. And what better way to get some fab recipes from two Mums who know what to cook

Claire and Lucy from Crumbs Food have a great new cookbook out and we have a copy of it for one lucky reader to win! In this cookbook you’ll find delicious, nutritious meals for you and the whole family, some recipes take just 5 minutes to make!  From lentil soup, home made beans to tzatziki salmon pasta there is a meal idea for every hungry tired new parent.

All you have to do to enter is to tell me; what was the first thing you ate after giving birth. Whether it was a piece of white cardboard NHS toast with jam or an entire bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate (guilty). Leave your answers in the comments box below and I’ll pick the best answer. Good luck!

36 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food – Book Give Away!

  1. I haven’t given birth yet (due in 3 weeks) but the first thing I’m intending to have is some champagne! It’s chilling in the fridge already and there’s a post-it note on the hospital bag not to forget it!

  2. After he was born (at home) I remembered the big bag of snacks for the midwives which was still in the cupboard, so I cracked those open and ate most of a tub of mini millionaires shortbreads, plus an amazing blissful cup of proper fresh coffee. (the midwives did get some too…)

  3. Last time round we had planned that as soon as we got home from hospital that a LARGE order of sushi was going into our local Japanese restaurant…it was divine, as the baby slept while we ate and pondered our brave new world! This time, I think I will go for some foie gras, since baby is due on Dec 23rd and I’ll be ready for some Christmas luxury! (and it’s a rich source of iron!!!)

  4. A “glorious” hospital tuna sandwich washed down with some tea ( minus the sugar ).. Didn’t get much better till the morning enjoying my pizza express pizza on the sofa at 8pm but then eggs benedict in the morning with the all important proper coffee was the treat I had been waiting for, always love a new cookbook!

  5. It was the best jam on toast ever- and about 10 cups of tea!!!!!!! And we carried on eating that for weeks after as we were so tired…..

  6. I honestly don’t remember, it was such a blur – but I remember eating bananas during labour which helped a lot with the energy supply!

  7. I think I recall being fork fed hospital fish and chips and a cartoon of orange squash by my partner whilst I fed the baby!

  8. I hadn’t eaten for 30 hours as I couldn’t keep anything down. What was the first thing I reached for once my newborn son had finally appeared? A Galaxy bar. On toast!

  9. A gloriously sweet cup of tea and some most appreciated NHS toast with jam followed up by the full English my husband cooked us about 3 hours later once we got home. I hadn’t thought about that for ages (just brought about he’s little tear to my eye!) Will be a year ago this time next week 🙂 xx

  10. Toast and tea made by my midwife and it was amazing!!! 👌👌👌, I’ve never had toast and tea quite like it since. I felt like I’d really earnt it and it didn’t give me heartburn!! Oh my it was good.

  11. After my little girls waterbirth (a year ago next werk!) I had some most appreciated sweet tea and toast at hospital followed up by the full English my husband cooked up about 3 hours later once we got home! What a happy memory 🙂

  12. First time around it was sweet tea and toast prepared by my lovely midwife at the midwife unit in my local hospital. It was the best tea and toast I’d ever eaten. Second time around, because it was earlier in the evening we had some left over tuna and salmon sandwiches (Daddy was very hungry bless him). I still managed to get my tea and toast fix though for the middle of the night feed that night. My local midwife unit is the best! Two pain-relief free waterbirths all under the kind and watchful eyes of some terrific midwives.

  13. The first thing I are was the bag of haribo I had put in my hospital bag “to keep my energy up” during the long labour is expected. I’m an anaesthetist so had initially thought I’d have a labour like the ones is seen in my training – on delivery suite, very medicalised, epidural, stationary in bed, long and slow – so I’d made sure I was prepared for the long haul. Then I stumbled upon hypnobirthing on your blog and the idea that labouring sitting/lying in bed was not the way things had to be. I therefore spent all of my six hour labour walking round the house (much to my husband and the dogs amusement!) and got to the birthing centre an hour before my little girl was born leaving no time for sugar!!!! I made sure I got to them afterwards before my husband did though! 😉

  14. The first time around it should have been some toast prepared on the labour ward, but the sight and smell of it made me violently sick 😦 My husband demolished that as he was hungry (some comment about no sleep/ stressful night that I refused to listen to!). I finally ate at 1pm, having given birth at 3.35am, after visiting my very little one the SCBU. I chose a jacket potato with beans and cheese on the maternity ward , foolishly thinking that the hospital catering service couldn’t screw that up. I was wrong. The potatoes had bern hollowed out and filled with a strange bean and cheese mixture which contained completely solid beans! The only bit of potato that was left was the skins.

    This time around I’m not worrying as they’ve got an M&S Food within the hospital so my husband is going to be sent for some brie, pate and some nice bread.

    Once we get home it will be another story as my nearest and dearest is not known for his culinary expertise -super noodles is about his limit!

  15. Coming from a culture where after birth diet is paramount for the mother’s well being and child’s nutrition through breast milk- the first meal was never going to be left to chance!
    A water boiled with honey, aniseed and turmeric – normal water was not allowed! A spinach curry with shed loads of garlic and roasted Aubergine curry with even more shed loads of curry and millet flour rotlo with heaps of ghee (purified butter) – I adored it – the perfect recuperation meal to be consumed for 2 weeks (variations of course!)

  16. I are a hospital meal of macaroni cheese, veg and potato croquettes and it was soooooooo good! I was starving – I could easily have eaten it over two more times 🙂

  17. Not due til March but I’m already fantasising about Brie, with warm sainsburys croissants. Or i could just happily eat a whole wheel of it to myself.

  18. They brought me a cheese sandwich in the labour ward but I was too psyched and pumped with adrenaline to eat any of it. I think later my husband brought me some salt and vinegar McCoys! Not the healthiest option but I had had “morning sickness” right up until I gave birth, so it was brilliant to eat something so delicious and not feel sick any more.

  19. My husband my newborn son and I came home from the hospital to lamb shanks, broccoli and crushed potatoes – ready and waiting on the dining table cooked by my wonderful mum.
    I was in too much pain from my episiotomy to sit on a dining chair, so I ate standing up staring at my beautiful boy sleeping soundly in his Moses basket. Best meal ever!

  20. I don’t think my mum will ever let me forget, she still brings it up! After emergency c-section I had my boy in my arms and my mum was feeding me the best nhs toast which was highly reccomended by a friend! The toast was devoured in not many bites Only trouble was I was being examined at the same time, I was so hungry I demanded she carry on feeding me!!

  21. With my first baby I was induced and spent 2 days in labour before she was born. I could have eaten my own arm off I was so hungry afterwards! I sent my other half out to the local shops to find something, anything….he came back with a foot long Subway with everything (literally every filling in the place went in to that sandwich), a McDonalds chocolate milkshake and assorted chocolate bars. I was in food heaven. I still remember now 8 years later sitting in bed in the middle of the night in the hospital gazing at my new baby and savouring a Mars Bar!

  22. My post from yesterday is awaiting approval still – not sure what happened there!

    My first meal after birth was hospital fish and chips fed to me! And a carton of orange squash which was the best thing I had drink in 15 hours!

    Best wishes.

  23. Well…. We went in for what we thought was a routine presentation scan when overdue, only to be told that missy was nicely tangled and upside down. Next thing we knew, we were in theatre for a c section. The irony of having spent weeks excitedly and somewhat neurotically packing bags full of everything imagineable, including my fav snacks, only to go in with just my handbag and come out with a baby! We didn’t even have much cash, so given how shaky i was post surgery and on cloud 9, my first food was a packet of starburst sweets nabbed from the labour ward!

  24. I spent weeks diligently making flapjacks for ‘in case I go in to labour energy food’. When it came to the actual labour, I couldn’t eat anything as it made me feel sick! With a few crumbs of flapjack kindly left by my partner (who had no problem eating through the labour!), I unfortunately just opted for the classic hospital white toast!

  25. With my first baby I had packed porridge and honey into my labour bag. What was I thinking, how can you balance hot porridge and hold a newborn? Luckily a midwife came to the rescue with a corned beef sandwich, was grim but it filled a hole. Toast was banned apparently as they kept setting off the fire alarm. My second baby was born at home at tea time and by supper time I was ravenous so we ordered a chinese takeaway and I had it in bed, I felt like Waynetta Slob – a takeaway, in bed, the shame. Tasted bloody lovely though.

  26. The good old cold hospital toast and I asked for seconds. Contractions had come on so quick and close the night before I could barely get some fish fingers and mash into my mouth between them. So I reckon I could have eaten a whole loaf of the cardboard stuff!

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