Preparing For Birth – The Only 7 Things You’ll Ever Need To Know

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This was recently sent to me by a Hypnobirth teacher Shirley who felt that if women follow this advice no matter what road their birth takes they will have been fully informed the whole way, increasing their chances of a birth that is calm, relaxed and a positive experience. I couldn’t agree more so with permission I decided to share it with you all.

1. Learn to understand the birth process from start to finish and what factors can help and hinder it

2. Learn about your birth rights so you can make informed decisions that are best for you and baby

3. Look into your choice of place of birth ( if not at home ) and find out what their statistics are for interventions and c-sections, if these are high you should question this and maybe reconsider a different birth place

4. Find out what your place of births’s policy and procedures are. By knowing in advance you will know certain suggestions are policy and not what is necessarily best for you. Remember it’s your birth – your choice. You should never be told to do anything only be given options. Every option offered to you should include benefits and risks and should have alternatives

5. Mothers should know latest studies, show for first time mothers its safer to give birth on a Midwife Led Unit, followed by homebirth. For second or subsequent babies it’s home, then Midwife Led Unit, hospital comes third both times (The Birth Place Study)

6. Preparing your body by regular, gentle exercise, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Birth is very physical. Everything you consume and breathe goes to your baby. Most importantly prepare your mind, the easiest way to do this is through hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing ALWAYS makes a difference. What you put in is everything!

7. Your guess date (due date) is only an approximate date, your baby will come when they are ready and just like apples on a tree they ripen at different times. There is no such thing as a late baby only different lengths of pregnancy. So smudge the date you are given into a rough estimate, 5th of May becomes late April to mid May. 27th June becomes mid June to mid July.

3 thoughts on “Preparing For Birth – The Only 7 Things You’ll Ever Need To Know

  1. Hello Clemmie

    Thank you so much but would you mind using my name as it looks like it was someone else who wrote it?

    You could use my hypnobirthing facebook page

    My website

    Or just the Hypnobirthing Association site who I am registered with – Shirley Stump Hypno Babyo

    I am not linked to those two links you shared under the blog.

    Thank you


    Shirley Stump

    Early Years Community Music Leader Yo Baby Music & Movement Preschool Classes Yo Baby was voted Best Preschool Class 2012 on Netmums

    Hypno Babyo Hypnobirthing Teacher Enabling women to birth their baby calmly

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    Supporting women on their own birth journey

    Home Birth Haslemere & Surrounding Areas Support Group

    Preschool Activities in and around Haslemere

    Local listing page for listers to add their classes free

    For people to see all the local acitivities for pregnancy, post natal, babies and toddlers

  2. I’m all for doing research but just wondering where to start with #3? Is there a website that holds these statistics? Thanks, Nadine

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