Mental Things You Do During The 3am Feed


Almost 2 weeks earth side and the babes are beginning to form some sort of feeding routine, which includes the much welcomed (!) 3am feed. Oh that delightful hour how I’ve missed thee. Once the babies are successfully on the boob I find myself reaching for my trusty friend, my phone to read anything to keep me awake for the next hour. So far these are the things I’ve found myself doing and thinking. Often mental but totally rational.

  • I usually mutter some swear words at my husband who despite the light being on and one or both babies yelling he manages to sleep through it all, always snoring
  • Going onto expensive beauty websites and buying excessively priced tinted moisturisers because all the 125 reviews say it the best tinted moisturiser they’ve ever used
  • Whilst on said website which charges an arm and a leg for p&p I find myself popping more products in the basket so I qualify for the free p&p (you have to spend over Β£100!)
  • I calculate that we don’t own enough white bed linen especially with the increased amount of milk, sweat and tears being absorbed in our bed so I order more bedding from a very well trusted department store. But read every single review first (hence needing a full hour) before finally opting for a 1000 thread count range, all in white of course
  • Next is bulk buying nappies and baby wipes and because we only have 58 nappies left in the house I sign up to the membership which means it will be delivered the next day. I order 4 boxes (200 nappies) and 20 packs of wet wipes. (I think this is when I’m getting really tired)
  • I read the entire section of UK Showbiz on DM online before realising that I have no idea who half the people are in this years Celebrity Big Brother
  • I Google ‘average temperature for the South of France in August’ because we booked a holiday back in December and on these grey January days I need something to look forward to
  • And then research how much a personal trainer would cost to get me into some acceptable shape to wear swimwear again
  • Other Google searches include; how long does it take for it all go back to normal down there, how does Courtney Adamo do it, and how much is does it cost to have fresh flowers delivered every week?
  • I attempt to write the last few chapters of my book (on my phone one handed) then give up and come up with a million blog posts I want to write but worry I’ll never have time
  • I try and do my pelvic floor exercises properly before realising the slumped in bed position probably isn’t great for achieving this
  • I read at least 3 different Making A Murderer theories and I’m still undecided, what about the vile of blood for gods sake!
  • I then download the Serial podcast again and start listening to episode one, before realising I’ve fallen asleep sitting up, neither baby is on the boob and it’s 4:30

21 thoughts on “Mental Things You Do During The 3am Feed

  1. Hilarious!!!! I do most of these things in the early hours too, I but think about doing them at 11pm as I climb into bed!! So funny reading all the thoughts and how so many are true! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Brilliant post, which has just kept me entertained during a midnight feed. I find myself online shopping during night feeds for clothes, all these new season clothes that I can now wear now I’m not pregnant…..oh wait…..I have to return them all because they aren’t practical for breastfeeding.

  3. Ironically I’m reading this whilst doing a night feed trying not to fall asleep. I’ve found that I’ve become a little bit blog mad, and that I stalk instagram in the middle of the night and have more than one mummy blogger on my feed now lol. I did buy two smoke detectors (with batteries) once, but never bedding. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks evil thoughts about the sleeping husband. I huff very loudly in an attempt to wake him up to share in being awake lol.

  4. Love this! Currently feeding whilst typing with one finger and putting in an order for new bed linen; listening to the husband and dog snore/trump away merrily. Oh now Olive has joined in too…..Thank you for sharing and making me feel normal with one. You have two little munchkins and are clearly a warrior! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š

  5. It’s when things get delivered and you think when did I order that?! Oh yes in the middle of the night! Really enjoy your blog and your Instagram. Congratulations on your beautiful twins!

  6. This made me chuckle! I was reading reviews and buying concealer at 3.30am, whilst boobing my two. Quite often the next day I have all these pages and articles open on my phone and no idea what they’re about…. Hope it’s going well? It’s tough feeding two babies but so worth it, next week we’ll be hitting our 7 month mark πŸ˜‰

  7. Hilarious! Your bank balance will be taking a beating! I’ll be following suit in April when baby number 2 arrives! Congratulations again, you are a super mama! Jess @ Nora&Co

  8. Great post and all too familiar although there wasn’t these great blogs and IG to look at when i had my babies. But definitely FB and Google !! The things you end up reading just to try and stay awake. Good for you attempting or even remembering your pelvic floor, now this is one thing i’m regretting not doing now.

  9. Brilliant!! Round of applause to you for even looking at your phone. I used to feed with my eyes closed and and wind then wake up in a blind panic an hour later shaking my his ab saying “where’s the baby!” Thinking he was being suffocated by me but instead tucked up in Moses basket fast asleep. So bad I know but they’re still here!! πŸ˜‰

  10. First of all, yes (!!!), the vile of blood haha. I feel so conflicted. I really want to believe he’s innocent but man, if he is, he’s had some pretty bad luck! Also, re Courtney, while I really love following her and think she seems so nice and down to earth, I’d say she “does it all” by being able to take nice photos and have a good way with words. But I agree, sometimes I forget Instagram is filtered and doesn’t portray real life at all!

  11. Congratulations! And I am full of awe, how do you get a free hand to go on the phone while feeding two at the same time?! I struggled with one, lol.

  12. In utter awe. How do you bf TWO babies and have a hand free to browse the DM side bar of shame?! Those are some Ninja Mama skills. Also download Two Dots app. Like an upmarket Candy Crush. Got me through the 3am feeds.

  13. He he, I am reading and replying (one handed) during the night feeds. Also put a lot of thought in to making a murderer, a conversation with my midwife about it got me through a good hour of labour! I’m thinking now that he did it as there was a body so to say he didn’t do it is saying that 2 police officers either killed to frame or happened to find a body then use it to frame? The police work was awful and that blood sample suspicious, however other than the box being tampered with, baring in mind the evidence was all just dumped in a box in an office in no order when found so could have just been opened at some point to see what was in there? Could the mark on the vile not have been by the needle putting the blood in rather than as we are being lead to believe, taking it out? You can get that if taking blood via a needle and syringe? Love your blogs and well done on feeding twins, I had twins last time and feeding them yourself is very admirable, I couldn’t do it for long as it got far too much so massively applude anyone who can xxxx

  14. You’re living my life! Although my third pregnancy was just one new little sister and not two. Everything else though, I even have an Ottilie πŸ™‚ Brill blog and excellent Instagram. Hope all continues to go well for you all xx

  15. Also try the this American Life podcast and Undisclosed if you haven’t already. They get me through many a night and plenty of walks around the park!

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