I’m Back!

It’s been 8 whole months since my last blog post which is so weird because it feels like yesterday that I wrote that – I was so sleep deprived in a cycle of questioning my ability to parent the twins and giving the older girls enough time and attention and be a good wife And then there was tiny task of finishing my book. Well I can safely say we made it, and by we I mean us – my husband for supporting me through every tear, emotional breakdown, reassuring hugs when I woke up at 4am asking him if he thought anyone would even buy my book? I actually lost count of how many cups of tea (both hot and reheated) I drank and that’s not to mention the copious amount of chocolate I consumed.


But I did it, I wrote a bloody book and it’s even got a fancy cover and everything. It feels totally surreal that with really young babies I managed to put all the jumble in my head down on paper (well keyboard) and my editors promised me it didn’t read like a massive brain dump! I honestly don’t know how I did it; there were days where I would have one baby in a sling and my foot firmly on the bouncer so I could just finish a paragraph. Dark nights where I would stay up not knowing when the twins would wake for the next feed, I got really good at expressing and typing albeit with the odd bit of boob milk spray going everywhere.

I can’t even believe I’m 10 months into my maternity leave because just like that I’m now watching the twins pull themselves up, eat toast for breakfast in their highchairs, laugh hysterically at their big sisters and I’m having to plan childcare for when I return back to work in January. I’m not sure I can honestly say I’ve learnt anything new but all the cliche things people say to you when your maternity leave are 100% true;

  • it goes so fast
  • everything is just a phase
  • it doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it
  • try and enjoy it before it’s over
  • and sleep, sleep makes everything better

Anyway I digress, what I really want to say is THANK YOU to all the amazing women who contributed to my book and to my followers on here and Instagram who continued to support me through this crazy time.

You can pre order my book by clicking this link here it’s not out until February the 2nd so get in there early. Also (as I’ve been asked this a few times already) this book is for any pregnant woman, 1st or 4th baby, and not just for women how are having a ‘natural birth’ it’s got a whole chapter on c-sections. Also the weekly birth stories will be BACK as of Monday, send yours in if you would like to share it.

Big love and a massive thanks xxx

7 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. My twin birth story! I may have sent it before, if so please ignore! X

    Birth story

    Hi I’m katy my partner is Jake and we have 3 year old Daniel Joseph born 12.12.12 at 12pm! And non identical twin boys Now 18 months born at 37 weeks gestation on 30.04.15. This is us.


    Waiting for our 12 week scan we were excited and nervous , hoping everything would be ok with our second pregnancy. Jake my other half jokingly pointed out a twins club poster as we waited.

    Finally got called in and ask if we would mind if a trainee did the scan! She went ahead taking a little longer than usual, I didn’t think the scan looked quite right and was starting to worry when she blurted out “there’s one baby and there’s the other”!!! I have never been that shocked or surprised ever!


    So many mixed emotions followed. How will I cope with 3 children under 3? How will I carry 2 babies? Will I be able to have a natural birth? We need a new car! The list went on and on. I work in a special school, practicing conductive education with children with cerebral palsy, so I was all to aware of complications of birth especially when it comes to twin pregnancy.

    The Babies were breech and I was penciled in for a c section. My consultant understood my concerns of delivering naturally. I was so scared of having a vaginal birth followed by a c section. We agreed I would be scanned again a week before my planned section and discuss my options.

    Twin 1 was down head down and engaged, twin two transverse. Although he was head down by delivery day. We decided to go ahead with the induction and take it from there, I was told I would need an epidural and would have to deliver in theatre.

    The night before I was due to be induced I had a bloody show and hospital advised I go in to be checked over. All ok, labour ward was extremely busy, so told to go home and come back as planned tomorrow.

    Returned the next morning and after a lot of waiting around we were taken to a private room and I was given a pro pess and told to get walking. Contractions started but labour ward was still busy so they were stalling, I was told to get some sleep and Jake was able to stay too. I got into bed to get some rest and my contractions stopped!

    Eventually the next evening we were taken to labour ward and had my waters broken and attached to a CTG machine. By this point I was feeling heavy and tired so got back onto the bed, I was having mild contractions and given the gas and air. My midwife said theatre were nearly ready for me so she was going to start up a hormone drip to speed things up. Off she went to get it, I had a huge contraction which took me by surprise followed by another which is when I felt the urge to push. During labour I didn’t speak! I managed to tell Jake I needed to push. He pressed the emergency buzzer. My midwife appeared, took a look and said she would phone theatre to tell them we were on our way. I felt so panicky as thought I had to have an epidural. Jake luckily knew what I was worried about and told them, they just kept saying twin 1 will be fine you don’t need an epidural. It was twin 2 I was worried about.

    The trip next door to theatre was not next door and felt like a lifetime as twin one was crowning and I had to leave the gas and air attached to the wall.

    Once In theatre they asked me to transfer off the bed onto another. I wanted to swear at them at this point but remained silent.

    I Have never seen so many people in one small room. Jake counted 11 plus us 2. The Gas and air returned via a mask and with a push twin one arrived crying, I was shown him and then he got taken over to the paediatrician for obs I could just see him from where I was.

    Once twin 1 was born consultant held on very firmly to my bump to stop twin 2 from moving. After lots of shouting about upping my hormone drip, they released I wasn’t hooked up to it. Hormone drip increased until I felt a strong contraction and with two pushes twin came flying out 12 minutes later. I tore the scar from my first pregnancy. Then babies finally checked over and warmed up and got handed to me.


    Such a feeling of relief that they were both here and healthy. Oliver Jacob 5lb3 and Louis James 5lb4. After trying to feed them both and having lots of snuggles skin to skin, I had the best shower followed by the best coffee and toast I have possibly ever had!




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  2. Hi Clemmie, I follow you and your hubby on instagram and think you are both model parents. I’ve been TTC for a long time and we are now finally (very newly) pregnant through IVF. I can’t wait to read your book. you are so relatable and lovely.
    Well done for all your hard work.

  3. Well done on the book! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 and you’re spot on about “it doesn’t get easier you just get better at it” x

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