Last week I returned back to work having had a week off. Ahhh a week off, time spent with my kids, getting through those pesky jobs which linger in the corners of my home, an essential mani/pedi and the joys of no on calls!  Having a week off means you essentially have a weeks worth of births to catch up on, emails and lots of texts from women who often want to change appointments due to work commitments.

heavs Saturday: I discharged my super star woman who had a beautiful home birth on the day of the Grand National, despite being adamant throughout her pregnancy that she would be in hospital with all the drugs available for her. Fortunately for her, her labour was quick and perfect in every way and her little baby girl was born on the living room floor 3 minutes after the race ended. (more on that in next weeks post). I then received not one but TWO presents, totally spoilt but totally amazing!  

photo (3)Sunday: I was on labour ward on a beautiful warm Spring day with an induction. The woman and her partner were fab and we kept each other going  with the Times crossword, Haribo Starmix and talked baby names. It was so hot on labour ward I rocked out the no socks and Converse look, luckily I had remembered to shave my legs!

photo (4)Monday: I immersed my watch in a birthing pool last month, it steamed up and eventually died so decided to treat myself this snazzy Swatch watch, added bonus that its waterproof!  Time is of the essence when you’re a midwife, I just wish I had more of it to share about.

photo (5)Tuesday: Hello sunshine, hello happy midwife! Nothing quite like a bit of great weather to get you smiling when you wake up! Had a busy day of weighing and checking a new born, helping a couple prepare for the birth of their first baby with their birth plan and booking my newly pregnant women due in November. November feels like so far away on a warm Spring day. Lunch was eaten outside on the garden of the GP surgery where I’m based, alfresco style.

photo (6)Wednesday: I was on call and back on labour ward with a woman having a long old labour, poor girl was knackered and despite all the our best efforts she was just too tired to push her baby out. I had to get the doctors in to give her a hand and she ended up having a forceps delivery. I felt knackered by 2am so god knows how she felt. I say boo to forceps but she and her baby boy were both doing really well by the morning. Congratulations!

photo (7)Thursday: The beautiful sunshine continued to warm my skin and having caught up on some sleep, I oiled and tweaked (read my husband) my battered old bike and rode off to do my visits. I use to have a really nice bike but it got nicked so when I finally replaced it I decided the more rusty and old looking the less likely it would be nicked again, so far so good! The perfect day was blessed with a perfect home water birth, and as I rode off home to see my girls I thought ‘I have the best job in the world’.

photo (8)Friday: Day off! Which is such a blessing, caught up with a friend whilst our little ones threw themselves about at the soft play and had an evening out with my husband and friends in a great  local pub. My mind was totally switched off from work until I walked home and spotted the full moon. A full moon to midwives means only one thing, lots of births! I had a peak at my emails when I got home and lets just say the moon is often right!

photo (9)Saturday: I spent the day with my wonderful little family at the South Bank, eating yummy noodles, watching the boats pass by and getting soaked in a freak shower. Oh and I couldn’t help but check my emails again, 2 more births, that pesky full moon kept my colleagues busy!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather, what did everyone else get up to?