A Breast Feeding Doll? What ever next?

How come this is ok?

And what about this?

This is my 2 year old feeding her toys in ways she has seen other babies being fed, both breast and bottle.  She’s benefiting from the social-emotional skills, role-playing and learning how to nurture which all part of her natural development.  No biggie here.

So when a US toy company brought out the Breast Milk Baby Doll last week, people claimed it was ‘creepy’ and ‘forcing children to grow up too quickly’.  I’m not here to go on about breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  How a woman chooses to feed her baby in entirely her decision, you don’t need to attend a NCT class to know which has more benefits.  But this doll did make me question the actual need for it in the toy market.  Why not just put a doll to the chest area and the child can pretend to breastfeed that way?  And priced at around £60, I’m far too tight to pay that price.

What do you think?  Will The Breast Milk Baby Doll be making onto your child’s Christmas list this year?

Creepy or ground breaking?