Phew what a week to come back to after our little trip to New York. It’s always like that when you’ve been away isn’t it, you are constantly catching up with yourself whilst trying to battle with the inevitable dreaded jet lag. More late night blogging and internet browsing for me then!

photo (8)Monday: I did a birth talk with one of my women who is due in 4 weeks. I LOVE a birth talk! We go through all their worries and fears, talk about where they plan to have their baby and how and when to page us when they think they are in labour. This is very important as we don’t want to unnecessarily be paged at 3am saying that the waters have broken but no much has happened! Not so good for us as we’re then lying there awake and unable to sleep. Most of our women decide in labour where they would like to birth their baby which is great because there are no huge expectations which sometimes may not go to ‘plan’.

kids come too!

kids come too!

Tuesday: I had a day off and attended a fabulous pampering and play session at Shoreditch House organised by the wonder that is Jenny from Mothers Meeting! My two year old played with her little pals whilst I caught up with some of my favourite Mamas whilst having my eyebrows threaded (think caterpillars on steroids!) and having a lovely back massage provided by Bliss Spa. The morning was so lovely and we all headed upstairs to the 6th floor for a well deserved glass of wine and lunch. Don’t all Mama’s deserve a treat once in a while? Mothers Meeting is a great place to meet other Mums from all different backgrounds, they organise amazing workshops and day trips so if you’re needing some inspiration head over to their website and find out what’s going on in your area.


Love this boy

Wednesday: I went and discharge little Ivo at day 21 who was slow to regain his birth weight. But after much persistence from his clever Mummy and fantastic support from the rest of the team he is well above his birth weight and thriving! I can honestly say he grew little chubby cheeks whilst I was away and is now entirely breastfed. Such a fab result! I do love my job.

Thursday: Was our monthly ‘Meet the Midwife’ group we run at the end of every month for a chance for any women due around that time to meet the rest of the team. We also invite some women and their babies to share their birth stories to the group. I love these sessions as it’s so lovely to put a name to a face of the other pregnant women we might support during their birth (read about how we work here). Two Mama’s shared their wonderful birth stories, both home births and both had very different birth plans but both had fantastic results!

photo (7)

Writers block

Friday: I had to meet a final deadline for my first commissioned piece of work! Really nerve racking but if it all goes through it could lead to exciting things! It’s all a bit hush hush at the moment so I can’t say much more at this point. This blog will also be going through some changes in the next month or two. I have found an amazing designer who is going to turn my dream of making GasandAir into a proper website, where people can come and find out all things birth, babies and beyond. She is totally on my wave length and I can’t wait to see what ideas she comes up with. Watch this space!