Imogen Snowling

Applying for the midwifery degree at the young age of 18 was a daunting thought, yet I had known I wanted to be a midwife for a few years before this… I just had to give it my best shot. I chose not to do the conventional teenage thing in that I didn’t move away to university, instead I stayed at home in Suffolk and this was a decision I’ve never come to regret. With my passion for midwifery close to heart, I wanted somewhere to document my journey through the student years, so I decided the best place for this was on an Instagram platform. Completely unintentionally, this page soon became somewhere for me to keep my revision posters and I found that these even started to benefit other students too, which is such a rewarding thought. Every day I am reminded why I chose midwifery; I adore advocating for women, promoting positivity and empowering them through each step to parenthood. I honestly can’t think of a profession more incredible than the one I’m training for! If you’d like to know more about my journey, visit  or on Instagram!