Kate Yardley

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, I’m 27 and I am going to be studying to be a midwife as of this February at the University of Hull. I’m already a qualified nurse so I will be undertaking the 18 month ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery’, aka the ‘short course’ or ‘top-up course’. Prior to this I was an adult nurse in the British Army for 5 years, however a nasty knee injury a year ago unfortunately put a stop to my military career but has given me this wonderful opportunity to follow my passion of working with women and to take this exciting leap to becoming a midwife.

Outside of midwife-life, I live in rural Lincolnshire with my long-suffering partner, Sam, who is also a serving member of the Armed Forces, and our very boisterous and rather large 5 month old labrador puppy, Todd. I spend the majority of my time in wellies, on a horse, or daydreaming about being in the sun somewhere. Unfortunately I don’t think that there’s going to be much time to fit any of those things in over the next 18 months as there is an awful lot to cram in!

If anybody is interested in following my journey to becoming a midwife you can find me at ‘thebabymidwife’ on Instagram and read about it here 🙂