Beyond Bea came into existence following the death of my daughter, Bea in November 2017.

I’ve always been interested in bereavement care and actively pursued working in a bereavement role, so I took a lot of interest in supporting women and their families when their baby had died. From being a student, I assisted with supporting families at a local support group and my passion continued as I qualified and became a registered Midwife.

I have supported families through the years, meeting them at various points in their journeys and hearing of care they received and even witnessing care they received, it’s always been important to me to give the greatest care, with the most compassion and kindness.

Once Bea died, it sparked a fire in me and I needed to do something about it. I needed to try to make something change, even if it was just little old me trying with one person at a time. That was when Beyond Bea was created.

I wanted to prevent the same stories I have heard from families being repeated, from them questioning why something wasn’t offered but they knew someone on the same street got something they hadn’t and most of all, being give a CHOICE. In a time where a lot of choices are taken away, we owe it to families to give them control in as many ways as we can.

Beyond Bea Charity now travels throughout the whole of the UK delivering free training to students and health professionals about baby loss and bereavement care. The day itself incorporates all aspects of baby loss including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, late miscarriage, stillbirth, medical termination / compassionate induction and neonatal death. It provides clinical information, parental perspectives with parent speakers and an interactive memory making workshop with our specially created dolls who can be used to make inkless ink prints, clay prints, 3D casts and have photographs taken.

For more information about what we do or to book a day please visit our website:

Alternatively visit us via social media by searching Beyond Bea Charity.

Below our some images of our training dolls and the work we do.