Saturday 9th December 2017, Induction day had finally arrived. After stopping at McDonald’s on the way, Oli and I arrived at the hospital at 10am (as instructed) with the idea that we would be leaving with our baby girl later that day. However, we were surprised when we were told that the induction process could take many days. Yes I cried, especially after the nurse told us that Oli would have to leave and that it was best he carried on with life for the next few days and go to work to allow him to have more time off when the baby arrived. Both devastated and nervous, I was guided to my room for the next week at least. Surprised with a private ensuite corner room and I began to try and think positively, imagining I was spending a week in a swanky hotel ‘lol’.

2pm and it was time to be induced and my goodness, it was uncomfortable to say the least but I squeezing Oli’s hand in preparation for labour. “Now relax” she said “be calm and try to go for a walk as movement will help”.

Around 4pm we ordered some Nando’s and I pushed the boat out to medium spiced chicken instead of my usual lemon and herb in hope that, the chilli would help induce my labour. Soon after we had finished eating, my mum arrived with a yoga ball, “I hope you are ready for some cardio” she said whilst laughing. Excited about exercise for the first time in my life, I began to bounce on the ball. We laughed, I twerked (purely to induce my labour) and we sang to my belly. Oli kept reminding me that I was going to be here for a further 4 days at least, after speaking to the midwife about the likelihood of meeting our little girl before the weekend was over but there was no way I was having that.

7pm and the nurses came to tell both Mum and Oli that  it would be best they left to give me some rest. Reassuring them that nothing was going to happen anytime soon but promised to call if it did. After seeing just how busy the ward was, I kept having visions of giving birth on my own, and begged them both to stay a little longer.

9pm and it was time to say goodbye to Mum and Oli. Completely over that fact that, I was about to be alone as ‘IM A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE’ was about to start and I was propped up in front of my TV completely unaware that, it was the last time I’d watch it with snacks resting on my bump.

Struggling to get comfortable, I was half way through the show and cheering on Tof whilst feeling really warm and going to the toilet between every ad break. I began to feel strange so, I called Oli who rushed back. As he arrived, the nurse followed him in telling him that he needs to rest in order to keep his strength up for when the baby arrived.

Fuming inside, I gave Oli the death stare telepathically saying “don’t you dare leave me”. After rubbing my head to sleep, he left at around 11:45pm to drive home. As soon as he left, the anxiety kicked in again and so, I took a hot shower to calm my nerves.

4am and I called for a nurse, as I was in complete agony. “You’re fine, it will just be a bit of Braxton hicks” I begged her to put me on the monitor, as it really didn’t feel like the Braxton hicks I had been feeling prior to being induced. As she wired me up, we were discussing baby names to distract me from the pain. The monitor was showing a lot of movement and she was able to see why I was crying. Running out of the room, she told me she would be back in two minutes. I had absolutely no idea what was going on and I was going out of my mind panicking.

As she returned she told me to call my partner and tell him to meet me in the delivery ward. “DELIVERY?” I was in no way prepared for the emotions I began to feel, as I called Oli back to back which kept going to answer phone.

Crying uncontrollably and not knowing what was going on, I called my mum and told her everything. “on my way” she said.

I arrived in the delivery ward where, I was met by both a midwife and a doctor. Mum and Oli arrived shortly afterwards and we were all ears waiting to find out the plan of action. After settling me in and passing me the gas and air (what dreams are made of), it was time for my favourite part (not). With my mum by my side making every possible inappropriate comment for a laugh I found out that, I was just 3 centimetres dilated with contractions just 2minutes apart. 30minutes passed and I was throwing up in a cardboard bowl whilst wetting the bed repeatedly saying F**k!

At approximately 7:20am, I met a different doctor who noticed that my baby’s heart beat was slowing down and told me that I may have to have a C-section. Through my entire pregnancy, I was terrified at the thought of having a C-section. But the thought of losing my baby terrified me even more so, it was a no brainer. Whilst Oli and I were preparing for surgery, my mum was on the phone updating my nan and aunt. We held hands and said one last prayer, every part of my body was weak and I was feeling every single emotion. Worried for my baby, worried for my life, but so grateful that I was not alone.

Tugging and pulling away, the surgeons were communicating with one another whilst reassuring us that everything was going to be ok. Next thing we hear, “Ready, out comes your baby”

8:32am, I shouted “why isn’t she crying?”

The surgeon replied “It’s ok she’s just in shock and a little bit stressed” and passed her over to paediatric team.

“Oli go with her, stay with her, don’t leave her” I said.

I could not control my crying for what felt like a lifetime until, I heard the most precious little cry.

“COME ON BABYGIRL, YOU CAN DO IT. MUMMY IS HERE BABY, COME ON GIRL” I began to shout as I was being stitched back up. I remember feeling so useless as my baby was struggling to breath and needed me.

I was wheeled over to the other side as soon as they were done and I laid eyes on my precious girl for the first time, with a small oxygen mask over her face still struggling to breath with mucus on her lungs, I asked to hold her.

My goodness my heart completely melted as the tears came rushing down yet again. She looked at me and made a noise as if to say “that’s better” and from that moment on, she began to breath better and so did I.

Soon after, I was wheeled back to my room and my baby was wheeled to neonatal. I made sure Oli stayed with her and told them both I would be up soon. All I cared about was getting her better and I was adamant that I’d be able to follow them up shortly.

There was a bit of bickering between myself and every staff member on the ward when, I was told that I had to wait until I was able to walk before I went to see my baby in case of a fire. Of course I was not having that. Mum found a wheel chair down by the toilet and we followed the signs and snuck upstairs (don’t try this at home).

My perfect little girl ten fingers ten toes, I held her hand and sang to her for about 15minutes, while she was laying in an incubator covered in wires attached a beeping machine with a breathing tune and a cannula in her hand to treat infection in her lungs. The three off us stayed together in hospital for five days before going home happy and healthy.

Myla Rose stole our hearts on Sunday 10th December at 8:32am weighing 8.3lbs and we have enjoyed every day since.