It’s been a while, I’m really sorry.  I’m not really sure what happened during the summer, I just didn’t have anything to blog about.  Ok that’s not actually true, I think looking back I wasn’t enjoying work.  And that gives me the fear.  A very wise midwife once said to me during my training ‘The day you stop getting that feeling in your stomach when a baby is born, is the day it’s time to hang up your midwifery hat.’

Well that feeling has never left my stomach but I knew I needed a change.  I wanted to know the women I cared for, not just who I was assigned to on my 12 hour shifts on labour ward.  I wanted to provide continuity of care from the very first booking appointment right up to the birth and postnatal period.

So as of next month I’m joining a very well established group of community midwives.  It’s called case loading midwifery and it’s exactly what Midwife Jenny Lee and her colleagues portrayed in the BBC series Call the Midwife (minus the veil and crucifix).  Watching each episode avidly, highlighted what kind of midwife I really wanted to be.  It was a time when pregnant women could rely on continuity of care from midwives they knew, when home births were the norm and when midwives were able to practise their skills independently and with confidence.


So there are a lot of changes happening in our household.  My husband is going to have to tolerate my pager going off at all hours as I wobble off on my bicycle to attend a beautiful home birth.

I can’t wait.