Gary Slevin, 51, is a midwife from London. He has five children, aged 19 to 33, and has been married three times. He says:

Since I qualified, I’ve delivered more than 2,000 babies. Some women are very surprised when they’re told I’m going to be their midwife — but they get over it pretty quickly when they realise I’m there to help them.

The Daily Mail recently ran this article on men doing ‘women’s work’ and it highlighted to me an area in my profession that I hadn’t really explored before.

How would you really feel if a male midwife was going to care for you during the birth of your baby?  How would your partner feel?  Would you ask to have a female midwife instead?

Why is it acceptable to have a male obstetrician or gynaecologist?  Or do you prefer to see a female doctor?

Thoughts please……….