Meeting a midwife at London’s coolest hang outs Shoreditch House with other pregnant Mama’s to-be, for an exclusive antenatal class sounds like something I would have LOVE to have done when I was pregnant.  Hang on a minute I did go, except this time I was the midwife speaking to 18 pregnant eager to know ladies!  I haven’t done antenatal classes since my 3rd year of midwifery training, when I very badly demonstrated how a baby is born using a polar neck jumper and doll to a group of 8 women and their partners in a cold, musky smelling church hall.  It was pretty dreadful, cheap tea and coffee and the worst choice of budget biscuits were awkwardly eaten in silence.

When Jenny Scott founder of Mothers Meeting and uber cool mama of one, asked me if there was a better alternative to antenatal classes, we put our heads together to try and incorporate stylish and informative where no question is a stupid one.  The result, an amazing workshop last Saturday in the cosy Snug room at Shoreditch House, fresh coffee, tea, pastries to die for and not a budget Bourbon in site.  Perfect.  The morning was such a success we’re looking forward to hosting many more!

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