My 'beloved' pager

My ‘beloved’ pager

I’m week 3 into my new role as a community midwife, and I’m beginning to get the hang of the ‘new’ me.  With a new  job comes lots of new experiences and a bit more paper work than I am use to.  But my new job has come with something I’m still trying to get use to, being on call.  Our on calls start from 5pm until 9am the next morning.

Last week I was on call 3 times.  The first night I took my pager into the bathroom every time I needed a wee, it sat next to me staring at me as I prepared dinner, it even joined me to watch my number 1 programme Girls (I swear it laughed at all the appropriate parts).  But I slept soundly (as did it) and woke feeling refreshed as it hadn’t beeped once.

The second night was the same and by the third night I was feeling rather cocky that these on calls were easy peasy but at 2am it beeped.  I say beep it’s more alarming than that ‘beep beep beep beep beep beep’ and I bolted upright.  My husband woke too and I slowly came round and realised that no it wasn’t the smoke alarm, nor was it the alarm clock telling me it was 7:30, it was my pager.   After hearing the exciting news that a home birth was imminent, I got dressed and quickly jumped in my car and drove to the woman’s home to watch her give birth so peacefully and calmly in the pool.  I was on such a high that I failed to sleep properly that day but my happiness continued as I watched Florence and The Machine belt out Cosmic Love to a audience of 20,000 adoring fans at the 02.  Indeed the whole experience was cosmic.

Me attempting to sleep after a homebirth

Me attempting to sleep after a home birth

I feel it’s too early to say I’m LOVING my job, I can’t believe I’m home by 5pm each day and it’s so great to be able to take the girls to school and nursery.  I think my poor husband is the only one suffering from the new change.  Sharing a bed with me and the pager, I think it’s fair to say there are now three people in our marriage.