It’s a funny thing getting past that ‘half way’ point in pregnancy, not that I’m wishing this pregnancy away (I’m well aware of how hard things are going to be come February). On the plus side the likelihood of getting to 40 weeks or beyond with twins (or so I’m told) is slim but my god does this pregnancy feel different to the other two.


  • Firstly the movements. I’m not quite sure which one is moving but it feels so weird when they both do, I described it to my husband like a bag of squirrels burying their nuts inside me. Constant digging and scrabbling, I guess they’re competing for space in there and I have no idea was position they’re in despite being a midwife, it’s really hard to palpate yourself
  • The bump is most definitely out, there’s no more awkward stares from commuters on the tube I even got offered a seat this week but being asked how long to go is becoming annoying ‘a long time!’ is my usual response.
  • I actually look about 6 weeks more than I am, I dread to think what I’ll look like at 37 weeks
  • I’m slathering my bump in Biol Oil  in the vein hope of not getting any stretch marks, wishing thinking perhaps?
  • My pelvis really aches by 6pm and I struggle to do my laces up without making that noise that old people make when the bend down so most evenings I find myself fully emerged in the bath, the only problem is trying to get out!
  • My iron levels have dropped a lot since early pregnancy so I’m back on the iron as well as Spatone despite feeling a bit constipated
  • I’m also taking really good care of my diet and eating patterns, I’m not particularly more hungry this time but I find I can’t eat a big evening meal so have been having tea with the kids. I’m also putting flax seeds on everything to keep things soft and moving down there. I DO NOT WANT PILES!
  • I’ve really noticed how much I attention I need to pay to my pelvic floor, especially after jumping up and down watching Florence and The Machine 2 weeks ago, oops! I’m actually doing them now as I type
  • My 20 week scan took 3 hours! Twin 2 was less cooperative than twin 1 and wouldn’t play ball but the Consultant eventually got all the measurements and my husband even nodded off at one point (he blames the previous last night and darkened room) and the sex of the babies were confirmed
  • Even though we know the sex of the babies I’m still a little reluctant to buy anything just yet, 28 weeks is still my ‘safe point’ in my head even though my daughters are desperate to buy their siblings tiny baby grows and soft toys
  • Names! We have had some discussion my husband hates most of my choices (no surprises there) I’ve realised it’s best not to mention it too many times and bring up the subject maybe at a later date?
  • I’ve decided to finish work much earlier than with the other pregnancies mainly because I’m not useful waddling around at births but also it gives me time to enjoy Christmas with my family before the BIG arrival next year

So that’s all for now, I’ve got some great maternity bras which I’m living in so will pop a blog post up about those soon and tonight my Doula is coming over for a birth ‘pow wow’ with myself and husband. And I’ve finally found the perfect maternity clothes to get me through the Winter months so will get some photos up next week to share with you all, all from the high street so no fear of breaking the bank.