Push Music

This is me in early labour with my second baby. I’m really pissed off as I’m being induced which was not how the start of my perfect birth story was supposed to begin. ‘It wasn’t meant to be like this’ I kept saying to my husband over and over as the waves of early labour kicked in. I had ‘planned’ a home birth, a straight forward water birth in my lovely little cosy house with my favourite Diptyque candles flickering in the background and my own bed and bathroom. But due to a nasty condition called Obstetric Choleostasis which I developed just as I was leaving to go on maternity leave (I ignored the classic tell-tale sings for a few days tut tut- excessive itching on the hands and feet), I was strongly advised that it was safer to induce me at 38/40.  It just goes to show being a midwife has no relevence to how your pregnancy or birth goes. Anyway in this photo you can see I’ve got my ipod on (and TENS machine), it was the only way I could drown out the sounds and pain and focus on getting through those hours.  No whale music or panpipes for me, this was my moment to hear what I wanted, so here’s my playlist and please please PLEASE share yours in the comments box below. Why? My plan to create the ultimate labour playlist for anyone who wants to listen, enjoy.

  1. Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Come Undone
  2. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
  3. Prince – Rasberry Beret
  4. Jay-Z Feat. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
  5. The Beata Band – Dry The Rain
  6. Arthur Lee – Love
  7. Arcade Fire – Wake Up
  8. Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love
  9. Elbow – One Day Like This
  10. Chemical Brothers – The Boxer
  11. The Stone Roses – Made of Stone
  12. I am Kloot – Over My Shoulder
  13. Radiohead – Creep
  14. Belle and Sebastian – Boy with The Arab Strap
  15. Etta James – At Last
  16. Portishead – Glory Box