I’ve recently had an amazing 2nd year student working with me on labour ward for a few weeks.  She reminds me so much of how I was at that stage in my training; excited, eager to learn , pro normality, interested in natural birth I have to say I’m going to really really miss her.  She was so great with the women and their partners and she taught me a lot too about my practice.  And she was a brilliant photographer.

I’m sure she would admit it was just luck or the type of camera but at many of the births we attended together she captured some amazing photos of the moment a new person was being born.  I have to say this pleased me immensely as I LOVE birth photos.  I’m always that midwife grabbing the camera and clicking away as the new parents wipe away their tears and look shocked adoringly at their new baby.

So today when I saw this article on the Daily Mail’s website it got me thinking.   Would you pay for a photographer to attend your birth?  You pay for a photographer to take pictures on you wedding day, so why not your birth?

I didn’t have a photographer at my birth well ok I had my husband who isn’t a professional photographer but he does take a mean photo (bit of Instagram and some nice 1970’s filter works wonders).

See, you can’t even see how tired I was

After my first daughter was born I was a little bit disappointed at the lack of photos we had of the labour/birth.  I think looking back we were just so overwhelmed with it all, (I say we, I mean me) that I kind of wish someone had taken more.  The birth becomes a bit of a blur but it would have been nice to look back at them and remember the hazy parts.

So when I was pregnant with my second daughter I made sure of one thing, Photos!  I wanted my husband to take loads of photos throughout the labour and birth.  I didn’t want to be aware of him taking them either.  But you know what, afterwards when we were back at home it was so special looking through them; it filled in the hazy gaps when the gas and air had kicked in.  I’ve managed to collect a few photos I took at the birth of these babies, and their parents have kindly given me permission to use them in this blog.  Feel free to add your own birth photos, they don’t have to be taken by a professional photographer, an amateur husband with a shaky hand will do.

Baby Harris

Baby Marni

Baby Art

Baby Jake

Baby Edith

Baby William

Baby Edith

Baby Eva

Baby Thisbe