My Induction


As I have previously written about in this blog, my second daughter’s birth ended up being an induction due to Obstetric Choleostasis.  I had planned a water birth at home but ended up at 38/40 being induced.  I was fully informed of the risks OC carries (mainly the small increased risk of stillbirth) and consented to having a medical induction of labour.  It was not an easy decision to make, I knew induction also carried many risks and I was concerned about the ‘intervention’ factor.  I did achieve however a water birth, which was against medical advice as the hospital guidelines recommend that labour is continuously monitored using a CTG machine.  This decision again was made entirely with informed consent, discussed with my midwife and Consultant and documented in my notes.

So it came with such shock when I read this article in the Observer on Sunday about a woman who successfully proved that the hospital which she gave birth ‘finally admitted to bullying her into taking precautionary antibiotics she didn’t want or need. They had threatened that social services would be called to take away her child after the birth’.

Horrific.  Can you imagine being in that situation, when you’re in pain, feeling vulnerable, emotions are high and a Consultant throws the social services card at you.  I have to say they have been times as a midwife supporting a women in labour, when a doctor has unnecessarily ‘convinced’ the women to do something she doesn’t want.  It’s not always a power trip in my opinion,  but more of a way they cover their own backs.  I have been in quite heated situations with doctors and always act as an advocate for women if I feel they are not being listened to.

I hope as I continue in my new role as a caseloading midwife, situations like this will be rare but if they do arise I will support my women’s choices, what ever they chose for their birth.

Did you ever experience a similar situation?  Did you ever feel bullied or not listened to by any health professionals?