I am super excited to tell you all that my birth story made it into Mother and Baby magazine this month! My first piece of real journalism! I feel like Carrie Bradshaw minus the amazing shoes, apartment and life style.  A journalist asked me if I would share it as they were doing a on piece called ‘Do The Experts Have Easy Births?’ And Gas and Air got a mention too so hopefully any Mum’s or Mum’s to- be reading their latest copy of Mother and Baby will get to find out about the blog. High fives all round! I wish I could crack open the bubbles but I’m call so best stick to a Peppermint tea.

You may have also noticed my mug in high res over to the right. My husband is becoming a dab hand with his SLR and I needed some more professional snaps of me not just the old Instagram filter with sunnies on so you can’t see my eye bags type shot. Anyway that’s me with no filter so hope it’s not too much for you all. Exciting times for Gas and Air as my brilliant web designer (how awesome does THAT sound?) has been coming up with some amazing new designs for the website. Gas and Air will have a whole new fresh and inviting feel to it, with easy to navigate side bars, beautiful new colour scheme and graphics and not to mention all those Monday Birth Stories .

By the way if you would like your birth story featured on the blog please email it over with a photo to Have a great weekend folks!