Welcome to Gas and Air, a place to talk all things midwifery and childbirth.

I started my blog back in 2011 because I wanted to create a hub for people to connect and share their birth experiences. Over the last eight years this has grown into much more than I ever could have imagined and I’m so excited to be sharing a new look for 2019. You may have noticed there’s been a little hiatus. In fact it’s been almost 2 years since I put my pen down and stopped writing the blog. It wasn’t a conscious decision, life just took over. The twins arrived in 2016. I was busy raising them, and our other girls (11 and 8) with my husband Simon. I had also begun writing my first published bookHow to Grow a Baby and Push it Out which was shortly followed up by a second, How to Grow a Baby Journal’. During this time I also headed back to the labour ward and focused on my passion for midwifery at King College Hospital (one job I’m really not happy to ever give up). In fact my passion for midwifery has never faded. It is without a doubt the most rewarding of careers and as I change into my blue scrubs before the start of my shift, I always feel an immense feeling of pride. So, you could say we’ve been rather busy here in the Hooper household.

It was, however always my plan to return back here and keep the conversation going around childbirth. I truly believe sharing stories and experiences is such an important part of understanding how childbirth works, and can work.  So what’s changed on the blog?

Well we have 2 brand new sections on the site, ‘Meet the Experts’ and ‘The Student Hub’. I have the most brilliant heath professionals joining me: an Obstetrician, a Health Visitor, a GP, a Hypnobirth teacher.. and many more. Each week they’ll be bringing you the most up to date and evidence based information all about their expertise. I’m also very excited to be introducing the ‘Student Hub’ – a space for midwifery students to share their experiences and stories. To kick things off we have 3 students all at different stages of their training: a busy mum of 2, an A level student straight out of school and  an ex army nurse… they are living and sharing their journey with you as they go. Their stories will be invaluable to anyone thinking about training to be a midwife or in the midst of their degree feeling a little lost.

And of course the ever popular birth stories continue to bring you honest accounts of journeys into parenthood. My vision is to connect and unite women by encouraging you to share your own birth experiences, as well as offering help and support to empower all parents to be. I really hope you enjoy it.